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Your future home starts with you and your dreams and ideas. The design process is very interesting both for you and us. You should think carefully about how you would like to see the building and how you would feel living in it. It is all about the details and fitting them together in harmony. We can help you to combine and adjust all your small ideas to one final product which will be your home. You can look at other homes and buildings for the inspiration and we will give you large amount of designs to inspire from for each part of your building whether it’s exterior or interior. Think about what you have seen before and what would you like to include in your home. Create a sketch book or a folder with designs you like. Then we will help you to choose and fit your wishes into one design.

After contacting with you and understanding your wishes we will create a detailed 3D visualization. Then you still will be able to make changes until we have the final design of your building. Design step is very important because the project of your home and later the building of it will be based entirely on designs and visualizations. We will help you to put your dream on paper precisely just like you have imagined.

When the design is ready we transfer it to technical project which is done by a professional architect who puts his signature on it when the project is ready for confirming with all the needed institutions. Then when we know what we are building and where we are building we begin the works. Everything starts with the preparation of the ground and laying foundation after that. Meanwhile we are preparing the frame on our site. Then when the foundation is ready we raise the frame. After raising the frame or assembling log walls we finish the building doing all the other needed work on site – insulation, roof, windows, doors, wiring, plumbing etc.

You are finally where you have always wanted to be – at home. You are where you were some time ago when you were dreaming with eyes open, looking at different designs and trying to visualize your place except it is now reality and you are unlocking the doors of your home for the first time, turning on the lights and saying “I’m home”. Happiness and joy is what you feel and we are glad that we had a chance to participate in making your dreams come true.