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Andrejs and Ansis are responsible about making your dream about a wooden house come true. They are conducting all the building and taking part in it by themselves. They will find a way to realize the most complex ideas keeping the quality at its highest.

Andrejs Polinenko

Master carpenter, timber framer, log builder and forestry specialist. Andrejs is one of the most experienced carpenters and traditional log house builders in our region. His love and patience to the craft, his skills, accuracy and attention to detail, are exceptional. He is also dedicated to using his hands and hand tools as an extension of his mind and soul. Andrejs also works in forestry field, knowing when the best time when to prepare logs for his buildings comes – that is, when they are sleeping in a deep winter by the new moon rising. Trees felled at this time become strong and durable, becoming harder and harder as time passes, says Andrejs. Knowing the nature and the knowledge our ancestors knew is a real treasure nowadays and Andrew has captured them in his skills. Andrejs says: “Carpentery transforms nature into the culture. Transforming logs into the beams, and beams into the houses, and the houses into homes. It has been so in the past old days and so it should have to be also today”.

Ansis Siktars

Log and timber frame builder. His craft began with the wish to make or build something that would serve for centuries. He now has many years of working experience, during which he has built numerous traditional buildings. Ansis has knowledge of several different log building styles and techniques, such as dovetail notch, saddle (Canadian) style of notching, square and round cross notch. Has worked as lecturer in Vidzeme University teaching Wooden and Eco house building.

Jekabs Dimiters

Founder of Northmen Guild, and designer of Northmen woodworking tools. He extensively researches historical hand tools. He learnt the crafts from local masters. Studied culture, ethnography and history of traditional woodworking and wooden architecture and building techniques in rural areas of Scandinavia and Baltic States. He has a passion for traditional crafts and hand tools, especially log buildings and timber frames. Jekabs is also an independent photographer and filmmaker.

Jack Kearns

A second generation carpenter of an Irish master carpenter coach builder, has worked with wood since he was strong enough to swing a hammer. While living in isolation in the woods, Jack taught himself to hand craft tradtional log buildings, before coming to Latvia to develop his understanding and earn the tools with which he could develop his craft. He now works in England and Wales crafting traditional, hand finished timber frames and log buildings. Since being guided by a Master forester in Wales, Jack now works to share and extend an understanding of carpentry that is grounded in forestry practise and a reverence for timber as it stands in nature. From taking time to be in the woods, he feels people are better guided to craft timber more beautifully and create buildings which ease harmoniously into their environment. The quality of Jack’s workmanship is reflected by his respect for nature and an enthusiasm for crafting buildings which befit the beauty of the woods.


They will help you to put your dreams first on paper and then in a 3D visualization. This way you will see each detail of your house so you can assure that we understood your wishes perfectly.

Edward Dunne

Edward started woodworking as a teenager in his father’s workshop. At the end of secondary school he hand carved a mahogany rocking horse. After some construction experience he studied furniture design and manufacture on the West Coast of Ireland. Later he qualified as an electrician, specialized in high voltage industrial installations. Now Edward lives in a log house in Latvia where he creates timber frames and furniture. He has studied timber frame constructions and designs. He also has learned building log homes so now Edward is joining together his practical experience and theory to create unique log and timber frame designs.


Gunars Strauss

Gunars has joined his education in the construction industry with education in regional development, in order to develop construction and real estate projects throughout Latvia for several years. In the realization of projects, he always strives to use natural and environmentally friendly techniques to achieve maximum harmony between man and nature, thereby achieving project integration into the environment and longevity.


Andis Kalnins

Andis grew up living side by side with the wilderness of surrounding forests. He studied science of forestry for four years and he can tell every nuance of every tree and its wood. He has lived in the atmosphere of woodworking since childhood and his father is a skilled carpenter, log house builder and timber framer who passed down his love to handwork to all of his sons. His goal is to preserve the traditional log building and timber framing in Latvia and other countries and introduce these building techniques to other parts of the world. Andis always aims for the highest quality in every detail. He believes that Northmen Homes will revive the traditions and bring everyone an opportunity to live in homes which are built using high quality natural materials which makes the buildings ecologically friendly, thermo-efficient and will bring joy and happiness even after hundreds of years.